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God Save the Queen, the Text

I. I was 18 years old when I was crowned Miss Idaho USA. Sometimes I say this as an excuse: “I was only 18.” My mother, Momma Bean, two minutes after I was crowned hugged me, whispered in my ear, … Continue reading

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How We Spent Our First “official” Year Homeschooling

I’m not a tree hugger, I haven’t worn Birkenstocks for 20 years and I wouldn’t call myself a radical anything. But when Sofia was just a few months old, I started thinking about homeschooling. At first it was because we … Continue reading

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When We Were Last Happy

Today Claudio was showing Lily photographs on his phone and I overheard him say, “That is a picture of when we were last happy.” I was curious as to when he thought that was. Was it last weekend when we … Continue reading

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Sofia and her God Bucket

Sofia has taken to carrying a white basket with sparkly gold Easter grass most everywhere she goes. The basket has numerous treasures hidden inside it and one tupperware container with 3 pink bows and 3 purple bows that she carefully … Continue reading

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Coming home!

This is a Taiwanese Mini-Van. Look! No car seats! Things I will miss about Taiwan: Our nanny, sweet Chai Ling Firecrackers in the street to move out the spirits Tofu stands Sofia’s best friend Brian and his mommy, Aileen, “The … Continue reading

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Lily’s Nightmare and Our Late Nights

Ok, now I’m blogging instead of editing the memoir. I have no idea where to start on this mammoth beast, so I’ll tell you instead of Lily’s first nightmare… Yesterday she woke up screaming a high-pitched horrific scream and crawling … Continue reading

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I’ll be committing this to memory…

Thanks to my pal Eddie for finding this one. From 12 Step Prayer Book # 67 Lord, keep me from the habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion. Release me from wanting to … Continue reading

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Gratitude in the middle-place

We have been watching Japan with saddened hearts for all the people there are so gracefully enduring. We are also debating ourselves whether or not to leave Taiwan or wait it out here. It’s a very middle-place to be sitting … Continue reading

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Ang Lee is my Guru

Ang Lee used to be a stay-at-home mom. His wife went off to work and he stayed home to raise the kids. He worked on his scripts and nurtured his little dream in between feeding the babies and running a … Continue reading

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Turning Japanese

Our hearts are with the Japanese right now. Much love and light to all concerned.

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