Lily’s Nightmare and Our Late Nights

Ok, now I’m blogging instead of editing the memoir. I have no idea where to start on this mammoth beast, so I’ll tell you instead of Lily’s first nightmare…

Yesterday she woke up screaming a high-pitched horrific scream and crawling with her little body like something was happening. She has had a terrible time of sleeping since she was born. She doesn’t like to sleep alone and so after much suffering on all sides, I’ve given up and let her sleep beside me at night. She is fine for a 1 or 2 hour nap, but at night she must have a human beside her.

Anyway, she woke up screaming and I happened to be right beside her. I hugged her to me and asked her, “Was that a nightmare? Were you having a bad dream?” She is now able to talk and tell me so much more and she nodded and said, “Ya. Ya. Woof.” She told me she was being attacked by a dog and when I asked where he bit her she told me her knees, her head and her neck. She seemed to feel better telling me all about the woof-woof who bit her and we had a long talk about telling the dog NO and to GO HOME. And I assured her that Mommy and Daddy would never let a bad dog get her.

It’s now Monday at almost 11am and she is still sleeping. Maybe she finally can get some rest?

She has been talking in 2 or 3 word sentences and is quite taken with the moon, the large, shiny moon of the last 2 nights. Her nanny Chai-Ling showed her the moon when she was babysitting. I guess I’ve forgotten to show Lily the moon because we usually go to sleep so early here. Lily was certain I didn’t even know about the moon. She woke up after we came home and she would not go back to sleep until she took me out on the balcony and showed me the moon. She kept saying, “Moo! Moo! NaNa (her name for nanny) Moo big!”

I did not have the heart to tell her I’ve know about the moon for years and forgot to tell her about it. Her favorite book is “Good Night Moon” and I think she thought the moon was only a literary device. It’s real! There really is a moon, Mom!

Last night we took a late night walk to Finga’s, an American-style deli here. We walked through side streets and could see into shops and houses. Sandalwood was drifting in the wind, and night in Taichung feels somehow more foreign than daytime. I suddenly realized we were thousands of miles from home on the other side of the world. I felt very alive and so happy to be with our girls and my favorite husband, under a very large moon. Lily fell asleep on Claudio’s back and he played with her little limp-sleepy hands. There were no dogs in sight and I felt incredibly happy.

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3 Responses to Lily’s Nightmare and Our Late Nights

  1. rachel says:

    way down the road you’ll be so happy you started this blog. so happy you share sleep with your baby, and so happy you followed claudio to taiwan. it sounds like you already are, but probably even more so in the future…
    you are a great mama, writer, wife, friend, and all d’at.

  2. kellibean says:

    Thank you Rachel.

  3. nysha says:

    there is nothing more spectacular than a walk in the evening in asia. the sandlwood, the lights, the action, the alive-ness of everything makes me wish i was there with you. happy dreams.


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