Coming home!

This is a Taiwanese Mini-Van. Look! No car seats!

Things I will miss about Taiwan:

Our nanny, sweet Chai Ling

Firecrackers in the street to move out the spirits

Tofu stands

Sofia’s best friend Brian and his mommy, Aileen, “The Angel of Taichung”

Walking everywhere and people always around

Waffles in the apartment lobby and the gym

Everything in Mandarin around me so I have the quiet of my own thoughts

The lovely, warmhearted, beautiful people of Taiwan. I love the Taiwanese.

What I Am Excited About Returning To:

Our friends

Our home

Trader Joes

Almond butter

Mrs. Salisbury, the world’s greatest violin teacher and Sofia’s tutor, Terry

The gardens around our home

Homeschoolers! There are none in Taichung

My vitamix (Never leave home without it)

Raw foods

The woman who does my eyebrows! It’s been so long I can’t even remember her name!


It’s all happening so fast and I’m noticing everything as I spend our last month here. It’s a miniature version of life. I wonder if at the end of my life I’ll feel the same: “It was such a fun and wild adventure and it went by so quickly.”

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  1. nysha says:

    that photo is so “asia”. On garth’s first trip into mainland china he was on the phone with me and said “I have to call you back. There is a family of 5 on a scooter and they have a sidecar with a mama sow and baby pigs in tow…this place is like mexico on crack!”

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