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Those You Are With–A Prompt

April 19, 2017 I have no words. I ran out. The kettle is empty. I’m spoilt. I don’t want to write so Nellie Negative. I feel time’s ticks. Any free moment I have when the house is empty—Claudio or Gilma … Continue reading

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Momma Bean in the House

She’s been here in the house since she died. It is freaking out the kids, her visitations. We see her in our peripheral vision, a shadow where there is nothing blocking the light source. A displacement of air in the … Continue reading

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Calm the Serenity

I am overwhelmed with homeschooling. I have these days occasionally, when I question my decision making–WHY did I think it was a good idea to take over my children’s education? Lily can’t yet tie her shoes. Sofia struggles with her … Continue reading

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Sofia learned the “C” word and I’m a crappo blogger

She is obsessed with “bad” words, collects them, and has ever since she learned to spell. Claudio and I used to spell to one another when having a conversation in front of her we didn’t want to hear. “I think … Continue reading

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DRUNKS for my father, and the people who almost saved his life We died of pneumonia in furnished rooms where they found us three days later when somebody complained about the smell we died against bridge abutments and nobody knew … Continue reading

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God Save the Queen, the Text

I. I was 18 years old when I was crowned Miss Idaho USA. Sometimes I say this as an excuse: “I was only 18.” My mother, Momma Bean, two minutes after I was crowned hugged me, whispered in my ear, … Continue reading

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God Save the Queen

A fun night with flashlights, kids, dad and the QUEEN!!!! This Youtube link only plays in some countries and in the US only on a computer. The below link plays everywhere. GSTQ480p

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Happy Birthday to Me

From the Kabbalah. And then there’s the story of the man whom God tells to push the rock. He tries over and over, pushing as hard as he can for weeks, months, even years, then finally comes to God and … Continue reading

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Putting Sofia to bed

Tonight I was putting Sofia to bed and I gave her ten kisses, all over her face, like I used to do every single night. We fell out of the habit once Lily was born. After I gave her the … Continue reading

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How We Spent Our First “official” Year Homeschooling

I’m not a tree hugger, I haven’t worn Birkenstocks for 20 years and I wouldn’t call myself a radical anything. But when Sofia was just a few months old, I started thinking about homeschooling. At first it was because we … Continue reading

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