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How We Spent Our First “official” Year Homeschooling

I’m not a tree hugger, I haven’t worn Birkenstocks for 20 years and I wouldn’t call myself a radical anything. But when Sofia was just a few months old, I started thinking about homeschooling. At first it was because we … Continue reading

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My man!

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Writerly Wife

When I first stopped drinking I thought my life was over and that I would never write again. Not that I wrote that much drunk. I wasn’t published, (never sent anything out), and hardly ever told anyone but the little … Continue reading

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When We Were Last Happy

Today Claudio was showing Lily photographs on his phone and I overheard him say, “That is a picture of when we were last happy.” I was curious as to when he thought that was. Was it last weekend when we … Continue reading

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Tina Fey is a C-word

I woke up yesterday cranky and resentful. I felt hungover. I scanned my mind to see what could be bothering me and found it: Tina Fey. I read her memoir the night before and there was a line in it … Continue reading

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Sofia and her God Bucket

Sofia has taken to carrying a white basket with sparkly gold Easter grass most everywhere she goes. The basket has numerous treasures hidden inside it and one tupperware container with 3 pink bows and 3 purple bows that she carefully … Continue reading

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Coming home!

This is a Taiwanese Mini-Van. Look! No car seats! Things I will miss about Taiwan: Our nanny, sweet Chai Ling Firecrackers in the street to move out the spirits Tofu stands Sofia’s best friend Brian and his mommy, Aileen, “The … Continue reading

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I suck at Scrabble

Claudio and I have “Word with Friends” for iPad–basically Scrabble. Claudio originally thought I would be great at it because, well, I always yap about being a writer. No, Writer, capital W. And I always have my head in a … Continue reading

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Lily’s Nightmare and Our Late Nights

Ok, now I’m blogging instead of editing the memoir. I have no idea where to start on this mammoth beast, so I’ll tell you instead of Lily’s first nightmare… Yesterday she woke up screaming a high-pitched horrific scream and crawling … Continue reading

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I’ll be committing this to memory…

Thanks to my pal Eddie for finding this one. From 12 Step Prayer Book # 67 Lord, keep me from the habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion. Release me from wanting to … Continue reading

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