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“Why can’t I blog?”

I have been terrified to blog. I’ve wanted to do it for some time, but when I would think about it my guts would tighten up and I would feel like vomiting. I would feel electric, sheer terror, which is … Continue reading

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Sofia lost her first tooth!

  Sofia has been begging for a pet for some time. She longs for a cat, a dog, a pig and a pygmy bunny. We travel so much it is impossible to have animals. However, at the local grocery store … Continue reading

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Screaming at the Buddha at 5am

Taichung, Taiwan 2011 There is a meditation group of older ladies that meets at 5am outside our apartment. They have tinkley music and loud announcements in Mandarin. It’s peaceful/not peaceful. ¬†They stand like statues and do slo-mo aerobics. Tai chi? … Continue reading

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Sofia is beyond homesick today. She is missing her nanny, Shire, because we just had a telephone conversation with her. She is sobbing and saying Shire’s name over and over. She said, “I remember a day when I was 4, … Continue reading

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A wonderful day under the water slide

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Up and running…

Claudio spent the morning getting my new site up. The last blog was so ugly it was depressing to look at. Many thanks to my handsome and talented husband who read manuals, dealt with super slow series-of-Chinese-tubes a.k.a. the internet, … Continue reading

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