Sofia is beyond homesick today. She is missing her nanny, Shire, because we just had a telephone conversation with her. She is sobbing and saying Shire’s name over and over. She said, “I remember a day when I was 4, and Shire was standing at the door, and I knew I wanted her to be my nanny. Oh, Shire!”

I hold her while she sobs and sobs and sobs. Lily wipes away her tears.

We stopped our spelling and phonics work for the day and are watching a movie until the Chinese tutor comes.

She is watching “Mathilda.” Have you seen it? It is my childhood. I sobbed watching it the first time. It’s about a little girl who was born to a car salesman and mom who just didn’t get her. Danny DeVito IS Floyd.

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  1. rachel says:

    greta is homesick too, but no tears yet. henry on the other hand says everyday, “i want to go home.” breaks my heart. usually this is when he is tired or frustrated. last night he said it in his sleep.

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